Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A poem for reflection as I leave this call

The Expedition by Anthony deMello

My time here has come to an end,
And I think of the days that I have spent in these surroundings.
I see an image of myself as I was when I came here
And I look at my self as I am today
At the close of this time.

I think of the persons and places that have been a part of my time here.
To each of them I speak in gratitude.
And to each I say goodbye.
Other places, other persons call to me,
and I must go.

I think of the experiences I have had,
The graces I have been granted
In this place.
For each of these too, I am grateful.

I think of the kind of life I have lived here,
The atmosphere, the daily schedule.

I say goodbye:
Another type of life awaits me,
Other graces, other experiences.
And I say goodbye to persons,
and graces,
I do so under life's imperious biddings.

If I wish to be alive
I must learn to die at every moment.
That is, to say goodbye, let go, move on.

When this is done, I turn to face the future
And I say, "Welcome".

I think of the work that waits for me,
The people I shall meet,
The type of life I shall be living,
The events that will take place tomorrow.
And I extend my arms in welcome
To the summons of the future.

A note: My last Sunday preaching at Fir-Conway is July 17, 2016. After that, I will be moving to Maine for a time for my spouse's job, and thus, supply preaching all over Maine.

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